Tuesday, 16 March 2010

shoe dyeing/teindre dse chaussures

As usual I've been busy. Last Saturday I gave a fabric dyeing lesson. There were only 3 in the class so we looked at a number of different techniques including a quick demo of breakdown screen printing.

Comme d'habitude , je étais bien occupé. Samedi dernier j'ai donné un cours de teinture. J'avais 3 élevé donc nous avons eu le temps de voir plein de techniques différent – même “breakdown screen printing” ou le sérigraphie décomposé.

I had a plain pair of white canvas sneakers so threw them in to be dyed. I like the result. Daughter was home for a few days from Uni and she needed some new sneakers so I sent her home with the ones I'd just dyed. I'll now have to buy some more for me plus a pair of high top ones for a friend's step-daughter. Might have to do some for my niece as well. Oh, and Daughter has asked for another pair but this time in black and red.

J'avais un pair de basket tout simple en toile que j'ai décidé d'ajouter au teinture. Je les aime bien. Ma fille était en visite pour quelques jour et elle avais besoin de nouveau basket alors je le a donné. Maintenant je dois acheter encore des basket simple pour mois en plus un pair remontant pour la belle-fille de une copine et sans doute pour ma nièce. Ma fille a déjà commander un autre pair mais en noir et rouge.


Elena said...

uau, super Margo! Une idee geniale!

ann said...

FABULOUS! I think the dye works really well on new shoes. I'm sure it doesn't change the hand. IF later you need to cover up scuffs, try a bit of paint.

froggieflo said...


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Munaiba said...

Great sneakers. They almost look like shot cotton the way you've dyed them. Oh and you broke the cardinal rule. Don't have a daughter with feet the same size as you. Cheers

Banaghaisge said...

Margo - did the shoes do you in? Are you OK? I am currently bedridden so have got heaps of time to go through having a lovely time reading all the blogs I am following. It is a long time since you blogged, so I am wondering if you are OK? Hugs, Jasmine