Monday, 18 May 2009

Show and Seminar

I haven’t updated this blog for way too long. I was in the Lubéron the other weekend for a Patchwork Show. It was called Aiguilles en Lubéron. This is the first year that the show was organised and they did a very good job of it all. There were a few bits and pieces that no doubt will be done better in the coming years. The photos from the expo can be seen here

Je n’ai rein écrit depuis trop longtemps. J’étais au salon d’Aiguilles en Lubéron l’autre weekend. C’était la première édition de salon et j’ai trouvé très bien. Bien sûr il avait quelques petits problèmes mais je suis sure que ça sera mur la prochaine fois. Les photos d’expo sont ici.

I had a stand in the merchant’s hall where I was selling procion dyes and other bits and pieces so unfortunately I didn’t get to see any of the expo. On the other hand I meet lots of lovely, interesting people.
The Chateau atTour D'Aigues

J’ai eu un stand ou j’ai vendu les teintures procion en plus d’autres produits pour l’art textile. Malheureusement je n’ai pas pu voir les expos mais par contre j’ai rencontré plein des gens très sympa et intéressant
View across the lake at the camping ground at Camping la Bonde where I stayed.

I spent the week unpacking and catching up after 4 days away and then this weekend I was at a seminar for Oxalis, the co-op I belong to. It was held up in the Chartreuse where the strong green or yellow liqueur is originally from.

Au retour à la maison, j’ai passé mon semaine à attrapée mon retard. Cet weekend j’ai passé au séminaire d’Oxalis , le co-op au lequel je fait parti. C’était dans La Chartreuse entre La Savoie et L’Isère .

All this means that I haven’t had time to play much lately. I am also busy getting a web site and on line shop up and running. The shop part is basically done but I still have a bit to do before the rest of the site is up. Of course I’m trying to do all this in English and French. I have a friend working on the Italian and Spanish versions of the shop. By the way it is called TeintureTextile.

Avec tout ça je n’ai pas eu le temps pour jouer avec les teintures. En plus je suis très occupé avec le création dur site web et le mis en place du site de vente en ligne. Le vent en ligne est un peu près fini mais il y a encore pas mal du travail à faire pour le site web. Bien sur tout est en Anglais et Français. J’ai une copine que travail sur les versions Italien et Espagnole. Avant que j’oublie le nom est TeintureTextile


Elena said...

Je suis enchante que nous nous sommes rencontre a La Tour d'Aigues. Merci pour les teintures et merci pour ta petit lecon de teindre. J'ai essaye de t'ecrir sur l'adresse que tu m-a donne mais yahoo m-a dit erreur. Est bon l'adresse? Je t'embrasse, Elene de Roumanie

betsey said...

Hi Margo,
I figured out how to do this recently and was so pleased! I still like knitting with my little bamboo double points but I like getting things done a little faster once in a while.

Will be in Paris in April with my husband. STaying in a flat owned by a friend in the 20th near Nation. It'll be my 3rd trip, his first. Hopefully will be able to bring my knitting on the flight! Betsey (

aykayem said...

re that oxalis thing you mentioned ... I couldn't make head of tail of the website, because I don't know any French (but I do like their odd little menu thing that looks like a molecule) ... the only Oxalis I know anything about is the plant - as a kid I used to chew on the bitter tasting flower stems (the plant has oxalic acid in it) of one species that grew in the garden, paddocks, roadsides/etc (Oxalis pes-caprae - commonly known as "sour sobs" - they are a weed in South Australia where I grew up) ... is the Liquer as in they use it to make alcoholic stuff one drinks? ... sounds intrigueing ... LOL
I didn't find anything about oxalis liqueur on the www, but I found lots of articles about the plant/weed and an interesting page with weird old names/synonyms for chemicals and stuff and a herbal article that mentions using oxalic acid to remove rust stains from linen ... lol
(oh - and I seem to have "lost" an hour or 2 ... oops ... I had better go back to doing what I should be doing, instead of getting lost in cyberspace)
(from the scquilters list)

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