Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hong Kong

Shoe at Hong Kong airport.

On our way to NZ we had a 7-hour stop over in Hong Kong. We spent our time wandering around the airport. This was the first time I had been to the new airport. Anyway, there were a number of exhibits from the museum and other places. I took a number of photos.

En route pour la Novelle Zélande nous avons eu 7 heures à Hong Kong. Nous sommes promener dans l’aéroport. C’est la première foi que je suis aller au niveau aéroport la bas. Il y a eu plusieurs expo dedans et j’ai pris quelque photo.

This artist has covered everyday clothing in porcelain and then fired it. The underlying fabrics have disappeared but their shape and other details remain.

Les vêtements étaient recouvrer de porcelaine avant d’être cuit. Le tissu a disparu mais la forme reste.

There were also shoes! I really must make the time to learn how to make my own shoes. I have the book « Make your own shoes » by Mary Wales Loomis. http://www.marywalesloomis.com/ so it is just a matter of creating a few more hours per day and days per week.

t les chaussures! Il faut que je trouve le temps de fabriquer mes propre chaussure. J’ai déjà un livre en anglais « Make your own shoes » par Mary Wales Loomis. http://www.marywalesloomis.com/.

While in NZ I noticed the sky a lot. I spent most of my time in Hamilton where is gentle rolling country, so different from being surrounded by mountains as I am here in France. I also spent 3 days in Wellington, the capital. Saw these neat bits and pieces.

Le paysage à Hamilton est si différent d’ici dans les Alpes. Surtout le ciel. J’ai passé 3 jours à Wellington, le capital ou j’ai vu les suivants

These are around the base of some trees. It is actually a stylised map of the city.

Ceci est autour de quelques arbres. C’est une carte stylise de la ville.

I love these manhole covers.

Et ces plaques d’égouts.

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