Sunday, 2 March 2008

The end of the story/Le fin d'histoire

Well, what a lovely surprise to get all your comments and e-mails. Better than waiting for presents at Christmas!

A few of you pointed out that I hadn't told you everything about thee shaving foam fun so here is the rest of the story.

After I had pulled the fabric off the shaving foam I scrapped the excess off with the scrapper thingy and returned it to the black tub. I hung the fabric to dry before fixing the paints as recommended by the manufacturers. In my case that was by ironing them. It was a bit smelly but not too bad. A couple of days later I washed the fabric as normal. I only waited a couple of days as it was not very nice weather so the drying frame in the bathroom was already full of clothes. For some strange reason my family seem to think that me doing housework from time to time is a good thing.BG. Don't worry DS (13&1/2 yrs) is being taught the black art of how the washing machine is filled with dirty clothes and after pushing a few buttons and waiting an hour or so the clothes are clean but wet. The arcane intricacies of hanging these to dry is still a bit much for him to handle.

Quel plaisir de recevoir tous vos comment et e-mails. Plus excitant que les cadeaux de noël. Quelques-unes d’entre vous m’ont dit que l’histoire n’a pas fini donc voila la suite.

Après d’avoir retirer le tissu du bac j’ai enlevé l’excèdent du mousse. J’ai laisser séché le tissu avant de fixer le peinture comme recommandé par le fabricant. Dans cet case avec le fer à repasser. Deux ou trios jour plus tard j’ai lavé comme d’habitude dans la machine à laver.

Here are a couple of pictures of the fabric. They turned out OK but I think I need to play more to get really good marbled images.

Voici quelques images de tissu. Je pense que je dois jouer encore un peux avant de réaliser les images que je veux.

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