Thursday, 28 February 2008

Shaving foam marbling/ marbrier le tissu avec le mousse à rasoir

A little while ago I decided to finally try the shaving foam technique to marble some fabric. Most places recommend scent free shaving foam - this is not available round here so used the cheapest from the local supermarket. It was definitely a wiffy experience and I wont be doing any more until it is warm enough to have the windows open BG. It was fun though and very easy. We even tried it at my art class.
Anyway here a few pictures to show what I did.

Il y a quelque semaine que j’ai essayer le technique de marbrier le tissu en utilisant le mousse à rasoir comme base. Comme on ne peux pas trouver le mousse sans parfume c’était une peux désagréable comme activité. J’attends les beaux jours pour le refaire dehors. J’ai ajouté quelque photo pour montrer le procès.
Here is my basic set-up in the bathroom. I use black tubs form the DIY store that are designed for plaster and concrete.

Voici mon plan de travail. J’utilise les bacs de maçon que j’achat au magasin de bricolage car moins cher.
Here is the foam in the tub.

Le mousse dans le bac.

The foam nice and smooth. I used the plastic thingy that I also found at the DIY store.

Le mousee tout lisse. J'ai utilisé le truc en plastique dans le prochain photo et aussi acheter au magasin de bricolage.
The plastic thingy.
Le truc ( raclette?).

Fabric paint dribbled over the shaving foam. I then used a comb, finger, old toothebrush etc to swirl the paints together.

Le peinture pour textile mis goutte à goutte sur le mousse. Après, j’utilise une peigne, veux brosse à dent, doigt, etc pour mélanger les peintures.

Here is the fabric on the foam. I gently patted it down so the paint was touching everywhere.

Voilà, le tissu sur le mousse. J’ai tapé doucement pour que le peinture était en contact avec tout le tissu.

Here is a photo of the foam after I've lifted the first piece of fabric off.

Le mousse âpres j’ai enlevé le premier morceaux de tissu.

This one has had the paint mixed again and is ready for a second print.
Et le mousse prét pour le seconde morceaux de tissu.

The fabric before I scape the foam off.
Le tissu avant que je racle le mousse.

Here is a photo of the second piece of fabric I did. I found that after about 3 or 4 prints it was time to change the foam. I scrapped of the layer of paint-filled foam and started again.

Une photo de le deuxième morceaux de tissu. Après 3 ou 4 morceaux de tissu il faut changer le mousse. J’ai enlevé le couche de mousse mélanger avec le peinture et recommencer.

Beginnings/Le Debut

Having set up a blog it is now time to start posting. My intention is to share my adventures in the world of textiles with you plus the occasional more personal bits and pieces.

I started sewing at school and didn't really like it. As a stroppy teenager I bugged my Mum for a new skirt. Her reply was that she had already spent the money for my summer wardrobe and if I really wanted a new skirt the I could jolly well make one. So I did. The side seams were wonky, the zip in crooked, no seam finishing at all but the hem was straight and a passion was born. OK so it took about 25 years for the passion to really develop but the seeds were sown.

I am now a home based seamstress, doing mainly hems and fixing zippers. I am also a textile artist. I dye many of my own fabrics and love to play.

Here in France it can be difficult to find many of the basic supplies so I have decided to start an on-line shop selling procion dyes, transfer dyes, discharge paste, mistyfuse and other bits and pieces as I find them. Hopefully the shop will be up soon - the longest bit is translating everything into French and made even longer as my written French isn't the best so have to get everything doubled checked.

This is a quilt made for my Aunt in New Zealand. It is based on one of her mother's flax weaving patterns. I hand dyed and painted the fabrics.


Quilt fait pour ma tante en Nouvelle Zélande. C'est baser sur un modèle du tissage du "flax" créa par sa mère. J'ai teinté et peint les tissus.

Je suis installe chez moi comme couturière. En plus je fais de l’art textile. Tout ça à commencer quand j'étais ado.

J'adore teindre et peint le tissu chez moi. Comme j'ai du mal à trouver les produits comme les teintures procion mx en France, j'ai décidé de monter mon propre commerce sur internet. J'"espere que ça sera prêt bientôt. La plus longue est de tout traduire en français!